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... the Vertex and Pixel Shader Programming Book


October 28th, 2002

Updated the "Files" section.

August 19th, 2002

ATI released RenderMonkey with a lot of source examples, that are explained in ShaderX. Read more on the "Files" page.

July 31st, 2002

The article "A Non-Integer Power Function on the Pixel Shader" by By Philippe Beaudoin and Juan Guardado was featured on Gamasutra.

July 14th, 2002

The book was sold out after one week and Wordware is currently starting to reprint it.

July 6th, 2002

ShaderX should be available at every online store. I found it at Amazon still accepts per-orders.

May 25st, 2002

ShaderX was send to the printer on Friday. It should be in the stores in midst June with more than 500 pages.
Advance sales of the book were more than 5,000 at May 15th. This seems to be a tremendous success. One of the promos will run in the Barnes & Noble stores in July and August in their publication called Read Only. We published three papers as IOTD (the papers from Ken, John and Bart) on and got a very good response. The introduction of the book was published on and the comments in the discussion groups are very encouraging.

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