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Section 1 - Introduction to Shader Programming
"Introduction to Vertex and Pixel Shader Programming"
by Wolfgang F. Engel

"Basic Shader Development with Shader Studio"
by John Schwab

Section 2 - Vertex Shader Tricks

"Vertex Decompression using Vertex Shaders "
by Dean Calver

"Shadow Volume Extrusion using a Vertex Shader "
by Chris Brennan

"Character Animation with Direct3D Vertex Shaders"
by David Gosselin

"Lighting A Single-Surface Object"
by Greg James

"Optimizing Software Vertex Shaders"
by Kim Pallister

"Compendium of Vertex Shader Tricks"
by Scott Le Grand

"Perlin Noise and Returning Results from Shader Programs"
by Steven Riddle and Oliver C. Zecha

Section 3 - Pixel Shader Tricks

"Blending Textures For Terrain"
by Alex Vlachos

"Image Processing with Pixel Shaders in Direct3D"
by Jason L. Mitchell

"Hallo World - Font Smoothing with Pixel Shaders"
by Steffen Bendel

"Disc or Sphere - Emulate Geometry with Shaders - Impostors "
by Steffen Bendel

"Smooth Lighting with ps.1.4"
by Steffen Bendel

"Per Pixel Fresnel Term"
by Chris Brennan

"Diffuse Cube Mapping"
by Chris Brennan

"Accurate Environment Mapped Reflections and Refractions by Adjusting for Object Distance"
by Chris Brennan

"UV Flipping Technique to Avoid Repetition"
by Alex Vlachos

"Photo Realistic Faces with Vertex and Pixel Shaders" (Featured at flipcode as IOTD)
by Kenneth L. Hurley

"Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Pixel and Vertex Shaders"
by Drew Card and Jason L. Mitchell

"Animated Grass with Pixel and Vertex Shaders"
by John Isidoro and Drew Card

"Texture Perturbation Effects"
by John Isidoro and Guennadi Riguer

"Rendering Ocean Water"
by John Isidoro, Alex Vlachos, Chris Brennan

"Rippling Refractive and Reflective Water"
by Alex Vlachos, John Isidoro and Chris Oat

"Crystal/Candy Shader"
by John Isidoro and David Gosselin

"Bubble Shader"
by John Isidoro and David Gosselin

"Per-pixel Strand Based Anisotropic Lighting"
by John Isidoro and Chris Brennan

"A Non-Integer Power Function on the Pixel Shader" (Featured on Gamasutra)
by Philippe Beaudoin and Juan Guardado

"Bump Mapped BRDF Rendering"
by Ádám Moravánszky

"Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of Particle Flows"
by Daniel Weiskopf and Matthias Hopf

Section 4 - Using 3D Textures with Shaders

"3D Textures and Pixel Shaders"
by Evan Hart

"Truly Volumetric Effects"
by Martin Kraus

Section 5 - Engine Design with Shaders

"First Thoughts on Designing a Shader-Driven Game Engine"
by Steffen Bendel

"Visualization with the Krass© Game-Engine"
by Ingo Frick

"Designing a Vertex Shader-Driven 3D Engine for the Quake III level and Shader Format " (Featured at flipcode as IOTD)
by Bart Sekura


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